【 World Wisdom Q&A EP1 | 被問得最多嘅3條問題一次過答】

知道好多朋友仔都係用過一次 #納米口罩 之後返唔到轉頭,覺得口罩好柔軟舒服、無味同唔會有毛毛拮鼻等等。Knowing that many friends have used nano masks once, they turn their heads and feel that the masks are so soft, comfortable, protective, and they don’t make us feel itchy!

我哋整理咗3點分別介紹翻智世選用嘅納米薄膜濾層、SSS級上下2層無紡布同常見口罩嘅可重用、存放期等問題解答大家,如果已經識嘅您都可以當溫故知新咁分享俾身邊嘅朋友仔啊^^。Check out these three points to introduce the major features of the Nano Medical Masks: "Nano Membrane Filter", "SSS Grade Non-woven Fabric" "reusable, storage period". Share your new wisdom with your friends! #worldwisdom

1.納米薄膜 Nano Membrane Filter

2. SSS級無紡布 SSS Grade Non-woven Fabric

3.重用、存放期 reusable, storage period