【MOMENTS | Society Of Boys' Centres Hui Chung Sing Memorial School 香港扶幼會許仲繩紀念學校】

為了繼續開展我們的慈善工作,上星期智世團隊拜訪咗香港扶幼會許仲繩紀念學校, 我們決定回饋香港的教育體系,因為我們知道教育對每個人都很重要!在與黃校長會面時,校長有提到起初都會有好多學生遇到(成人口罩嘅尺寸太大)嘅情況問學校有無解決方法,針對未有細尺寸口罩供應嘅情況下,以下都有個方法可以幫助到大家,很高興能提供幫助。To continue with our charitable work, the World Wisdom team visited Society Of Boys' Centres Hui Chung Sing Memorial School. We decided to give back to Hong Kong's education system as we know how important education is for everybody! During our visit, we met Principal Huang and was amazing to him make a difference to the lives of these young boys, this motivates us to keep going with our mission to help our community! Principal Huang mentioned that many of the boys wore masks that were too big and very uncomfortable, we were happy we could offer our help.
*摺口罩嘅方法特別鳴謝早前Dr K Kwong黎我哋廠嗰陣嘅分享*
Dr K Kwong shows us how to fold your mask to a smaller fit

今次係一次好有意義嘅體驗,未來我哋都會積極同團隊研究出多尺寸同儘快推出,希望好品質嘅納米口罩可以有更多人適合戴,都係嗰句!大家#KeepHealthy ! 💪🏼💪🏼Our experience at the school was extremely heartwarming. We are grateful for our customers (You!) to make this possible. In the future, we will actively work with our team to study multiple sizes and launch them asap. We hope that more people will be able to wear good quality nano masks. #KeepHealthy! 💪🏼💪🏼