【MOMENTS | free distribution of made in Hong Kong masks 免費派發香港嘅製造口罩】

防範疫情第四波於未燃,相信大家可能睇到  喺上星期週末嘅首輪免費派發 #香港製造 嘅口罩活動,身為協會副主席嘅智世代表 Vijay 當然都要同團隊落場拎埋我哋嘅 #納米口罩 出一分力💪💪 Last weekend was the first round of free distribution of made in Hong Kong masks. Vijay, the vice chairman of the association and the team spend their weekend to give back. World Wisdom team helped to distribute the masks and educated the people the importance and protective qualities of nano masks. 💪💪

是次活動有多間本地優質口罩廠參與,受惠方超過20間學校、5個社區團體、及8個慈善機構,將於10月份陸續有系統地派出,希望大家繼續支持香港本地生產嘅高質口罩,因為香港真系好俾心機去做,防疫方面各位香港市民唔好鬆懈,要記得親洗手、戴口罩同做足各種嘅防疫措施。Many other local mask factories participated in this event. The beneficiaries included more than 20 schools, 5 community groups, and 8 charities. They will be dispatched systematically in October. I hope everyone will continue to support high-quality local mask production in Hong Kong. Hong Kong factories care and want to produce the best masks for our community and globally. Everyone should not relax in terms of epidemic prevention. Remember to wash your hands, wear masks and take all kinds of epidemic prevention measures.
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有關口罩派發活動嘅詳情,可以留意HKMPPE嘅Facebook掌握最新消息。#keephealthy For details of the mask distribution activities, please pay attention to HKMPPE's Facebook for the latest news. #Keephealthy